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Snack Trap Sippy Lid (FG-018)

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This "screw on" lid instantly converts your Snack-Trap into a traditional Sip Cup. The Sip Cup is NOT non-spill.

The Snack-Trap is an infant feeding product (designed for toddlers/kids ages 1-5) that minimizes wasted snacks and saves associated clean up time while promoting the development of self-feeding skills among infants.

The Snack-Trap consists of a attractive, colorfully imprinted, tip-resistant, handled cup that allows toddlers to grasp and hold the cup themselves. The unique, patent-pending lid has slits that allow toddlers to see and retrieve food with ease themselves. The lid automatically closes when the toddlers remove their hand. The product allows toddlers to feed themselves while helping to prevent spills when the cup is knocked, dropped, or thrown (as a result of a temper or just for fun). Another major convenience is that the device is portable and useful at home, outdoors, or in the car, matching the active lifestyle of most families.

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