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Baby Safe Feeder (FG-003)

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Solid foods are no longer a choking hazard. The patented Baby Safe Feeder allows you to feed your little one fresh foods of your choice. It is so easy with our drop-in bag system. Drop the mesh bag into a retainer ring, place food in the bag and screw tight! It is that simple.

When baby is about 5 months of age, fill the bag with ice or frozen fruit and it becomes the perfect teether. As baby cuts teeth, the Baby Safe Feeder becomes a necessary feeding device. Food must be chewed, and then swallowed. Babies with front teeth bite and swallow. This is a dangerous time for your little one. Without molars to chew food, choking can happen at any time you are feeding your baby solid food. The Baby Safe Feeder helps with the transition from sucking to chewing while reducing the high risk of choking.

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